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What do all the different icons represent?

Backup Reporting Icons
Running Running The Backup is currently running.
Finished Finished The Backup has finished.
Idle Idle Job is currently idle but is scheduled for backup.
Monitoring Monitoring The continuous job is being monitored to detect any new or modified content to be backed up.
Scanning Scanning Your system is being scanned to detect new or modified content to be backed up.
Stopped Stopped The Backup has been stopped manually.
Disabled Disabled The Backup has been disabled, action must be taken for backup to occur.
Finished With Error Finish With Error The Backup has finished, however, there are errors associated with one or more files or transfers. To check the error log associated with the Backup, access the Reports tab --> Historical Backup Activity and select "Error report."
Configuration Error Configuration Error There is a problem with the configuration of this job. Please edit the configuration details of your job by accessing the Backup/Restore tab --> Manage Backups, select the job in question, and "Edit job."
Note: often configuration issues are caused by a non-existent path.
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